Tomorrows Technology Today

Tomorrows Technology Today

Benefits of mCARD ~ You Personal Mobile APP

by Kathryn Free on 05/22/11

There are many benefits to having your own personal mobile APP.  When you compare a mCARD with the standard business card you will be amazed.

mCARD has the following benefits that a standard business card does not have.

  1. Easily share via SMS, email or QR Barcode
  2. Show your product listing
  3. Add eCommerce
  4. Show a video
  5. Offer an eBook
  6. Ability to market
  7. Take reservations or remind of appointments
  8. Auto-dial
  9. Navigation
  10. Show coupons and offerings
  11. Show your blog feeds
  12. Have a photo gallery

There are many more benefits but I believe you get the idea.  Do not wait to be part of the mobile revolution.

mCARD Is Here!

by Kathryn Free on 05/20/11

We are so excited that mCARD has arrived.  Now you can order your mobile business card APP and begin sharing it tomorrow.